We are very grateful for our volunteers

We are blessed here at St. Gabriel Consolidated School to have an incredible group of volunteers. These individuals, through the most generous donation of their time, help our school community in a wide variety of ways: athletic coaches, scout leaders, recess monitors, cafeteria servers, room parents; the list goes on and on. We cannot thank all our volunteers enough for what you do for our school and the people who learn and work in it. We could not do all we do with your children without your assistance. We will be forever grateful.

All volunteers who work with children in any capacity are required to complete two items: the VIRTUS Program and an online background check. Volunteers are no longer required to have their fingerprints run through BCI and FBI. Please see the chart below for a snapshot of these requirements.

Do you have a VIRTUS account? Have you been fingerprinted in the last 5 years? Necessary steps to take
No No Create a VIRTUS account and through that account do the online Selection.com background check
Yes Yes There is no need for you to do anything until the 5 year anniversary of your fingerprints. Then you would need to go through your VIRTUS account and do the online Selection.com background check.
Yes No Log into your VIRTUS account and do the online Selection.com background check.

Already have a VIRTUS account?

  1. Log into VIRTUS
  2. Click on Toolbox near the top of the page.
  3. Click on Selection.com Background check in the drop down menu.

Don't Have a VIRTUS account?

  1. Go to https://www.virtusonline.org and create an account.
  2. Your online background check will be processed as part of creating an account.