Good and gracious God, unite us in love with one another. Help us to recognize our own talents so that we may share them for the good of all your people. Help the community of St. Gabriel Consolidated School to truly reflect your love to all we meet. Bless us and our efforts as we try to live the gospel message by deepening our faith in Jesus. Amen.

Mission Statement

St. Gabriel Consolidated School, a Catholic elementary school, is dedicated to nurturing the faith, academic, and service lives of our students with an emphasis on enriching the whole child. Together, we share a partnership with parents and parishes to create a Catholic environment which empowers each individual to become a valuable member of church, school, and community.

Belief Statement

St. Gabriel Consolidated School in collaboration with our three parishes, St. Gabriel, St. John, West Chester and St. Maximilian Kolbe, in partnership with the families of our diverse student body believe Christ is the center of all that we do.

  • We believe, as a Catholic school community, we are called to live Christ’s mission of service.
  • We believe a child best develops spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally when nurtured in a faith-based environment.
  • We believe through that Gospel teachings, all people are called to discipleship and an awareness of social justice issues.
  • We believe rigorous and relevant instruction with an emphasis on critical thinking will enable children to flourish in an ever-changing world.
  • We believe in the pursuit of academic excellence and the individual potential for every child to succeed.
  • We believe through the combined efforts of administration, faculty, parents and parishes that an environment of respect and responsibility exists at St. Gabriel Consolidated School.


School was opened with Mr. Everhand as its first principal and teacher. The present rectory was built as a school and residence for the sisters who were to come and teach at St. Gabriel school.


At the request of the pastor, Reverend William Carey, the Sisters of Charity, Cincinnati, Ohio, took over the school. The faculty numbered three Sisters:

Sister Ann Regina Ennis – principal and superior
Sister Adelaide Maurath
Sister Evangelista McMullen

The Sisters lived in the pastoral residence and taught school there. Later, the school was moved to the rear of the church.


A frame building, purchased from the Episcopalians, served as a classroom for two grades and a two-year commercial high school.

Ethnic Diversity

A diverse student body

  • African American
  • Asian
  • Caucasian
  • Hispanic


Boys vs Girls

  • Boys
  • Girls


Catholic vs Non-Catholic

  • Catholic
  • Non-Catholic


May 2016 Algebra I End of Course Exam

  • Proficient
  • Advanced
  • Accelerated

Board of Pastors


Fr. Geoff Drew

Pastor of St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish

Fr. David Fay

Pastor of St. Gabriel Parish

Fr. Don West

Pastor of St. John the Evangelist, West Chester Parish