Order Securely Online NOW through July 7th, 2017.

Purchase custom school supply packs through Educational Products Inc and St. Gabriel Consolidated School. It’s simple, affordable and our school benefits from it.

  • Save Time & Money with Quality Products.

  • Teacher Approved  and Custom Packed for Each Student.

  • Avoid Shopping Hassles. No Crowds. No Traffic. No Guesswork.

  • Pickup your schools supplies at Meet The Teacher.

  • Our School Benefits.

Online Ordering Instructions

  1. Go to www.educationalproducts.com/shoppacks
  2. Enter our School ID: STG032
  3. Follow the directions to complete your order.
  4. Keep your online confirmation as your receipt.
  5. Conveniently pickup your schools supplies at Meet the Teacher
  6. If you have questions, please contact Erin Neises  at neisesfamily@yahoo.co

Printable List

If you would prefer to purchase your school supplies somewhere else, click the button below to access a printable list by grade.